Several new features were added to MoodMixes today. Here’s a roundup:

Moodmixes New Player-1
1) a new default page now appears when you click the “music” button after logging in.

You’ll now be greeted by 10 illustrations (the same as on the home page) asking you to choose a mood you’d like to listen to.

If you click on that mood, the music starts playing: easy!

We added this page, as many of you were asking for a simpler way to play music from our service.

All the previous features are still available by choosing from the menu on the left hand side.

A photo of this new feature is attached to this email or you can just visit:

2) a “download this playlist” button.

This lets you fill your iPod, or iTunes up with all the MP3s that are in a playlist, downloaded as one easy ZIP file.

You can then use the “shuffle play” feature in your iPod/iTunes to play the songs you like at your location.

For an example, scroll to the bottom of the songs at the Christmas playlist:

3) high-quality audio streaming: if you prefer to use a computer to play music, rather than downloading, you can now stream our music at a very high audio quality.

You’ll need a reliable Internet connection to use this feature. You can enable it by going to:

and choosing “yes” under “hifi streaming”

4) follow other members: you can now subscribe to another MoodMixes’ member’s playlists and shows, if they’ve decided to share them.

This is very useful if you have multiple locations and want separate accounts on MoodMixes to all play the same music.

5) more download formats: in addition to MP3 and WAV files, people have asked us for the popular FLAC, OGG and and Apple iTunes’ AAC format.

You can enable this with the “album download formats” feature at: