We’ve added several new features to the pricing page at MoodMixes.


New features include:

preloaded iPods — we will postal mail you an iPod, fully loaded with our music. We’ll also include a fancy plugin charger and cables to connect it to your hifi system. We’re charging $20 per month, per location for this option.

use our music in your ads — you can use our music on your TV and youtube ads, on your music-on-hold system, or anywhere associated with your business. Starting at $20 per month.

exact number of locations — previously we had options such as “fewer than 200 locations”, but this means that if you had (say) 180 locations, you were paying more than you should. We now let you specify exactly how many locations you have, and the discount rate increases steadily and automatically as you increase the number of locations playing our music.

pricing changes — we’ve changed a bit how discount pricing works, and other aspects of pricing too. If you’re currently a customer of ours, we’ve already adjusted your account with a “discount” to bring you back to the price you’ve always paid with us. In cases where your monthly price has gone down, you now get a free discount on our services!

friendly reminder about bills — we’ve always issued your next invoice 30 days before it’s due, so that you have plenty of time to pay it, and never risk not having a valid music license.

However, this could often be confusing because the system would say you were “overdue” when an upcoming invoice was issued, even though it was not really yet overdue. We’ve remedied this. Now, 14 days before your account would be overdue, a much clearer message is displayed (see graphic below).


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or feature requests.