I received this lovely unsolicited email from one of our customers today, La Margherita restaurant in Rugby:

This is just a quick email to thank you for the email and above all for the music. We haven’t updated our playlist for quite a while and while doing it tonight, we realized how fortunate we are to have found your company.

The music is of great quality, the software quite easy to use, an absolute we wealth of artists, styles and albums and all of it superbly managed. We love the fact that we don’t get endless emails and updates and basically we are left to enjoy it, unless there is a problem.

A great satisfaction for us as well is the fact that we do not feed into the commercial mass marketed and marketing music out there. We feel that somehow the artists we play will benefit far more from our money than some celebrity. Thank you again and looking forward to discover some more exciting artists.


I asked Maria if I could reprint her letter, also letting her know:

I don’t know if you already knew, but MoodMixes is a “fair trade” business, and 50% of what you pay us goes directly to musicians, not lawyers, managers or labels, so you are absolutely right in believing that the musicians you play benefit from your working with us! There’s a short paragraph about this on our ‘about’ page.


to which she replied:

Congratulations on maintaining your principles in these dire times. I am sure you will be able to make it though for more and more years to come, mainly because so many companies I know are tired of the charges and rudeness of PPL and PRS.

Feel free to use our contacts for whatever you might need and if we can help in anyway let us know.


Thanks for the love!