A new “recent” option now appears on MoodMixes’ music pages. We typically add 4 new albums every week.

You can see what recent albums have been added by genre, or for genre “all”. If you want to download them you can either click the “download” button for each new album, or else add the tracks to a playlist and download all the albums together in a zip using the download-a-playlist feature.

Artists are listed by date order, with artists who have had a recent release listed first. If an artist has other albums, these are also shown when you click on the artist. The date of each release is show next to the album name.

If you click the “recent” choice at MoodMixes and you’re not logged in, only albums that are from no collecting society are shown, and this is a much smaller list than if you’re logged in and are allowed to see music from all countries.

The “albums” page also has an “all” genre now too.